How to Style a Neutral Outfit for Spring/Summer 2022

Most fashion bloggers love to focus on bright, bold colours and patterns in their outfits for spring and summer. However, sometimes you want to tone things down, but don’t want to look boring or plain. That’s where styling neutral outfits comes in handy! In this guide, I will show you exactly how to style neutral outfits without looking too plain, boring, or washed out! Ready? Let’s go!

Neutral Basics

The most important part of creating an outfit is building a neutral palette that can be used to create lots of different looks. For example, if you buy grey, black and white basics—like jeans, t-shirts and jumpers—you can mix and match them with lots of other colours in your wardrobe; think pink or cobalt blue or burgundy. Start small and then add more pieces as you get more comfortable with what works. As well as being versatile, neutral outfits are timeless pieces in your wardrobe.

Trendy Neutral Outfits

How To Rock Trendy Outfits For Summer When You’re Not A Fashionista : However, if you’re not a fashionista and still want to look fashionable, it is possible. Here are some tips on how you can do that with trendier but still neutral outfits.

Examples of Neutral Fashion Trends

White, black, grey, navy blue and dark brown are often used as neutral colours in fashion. As much as possible when shopping for items that are suitable for year-round use, try to look out for these neutral colours. They’re great staples that can be incorporated into any wardrobe. For example, you can wear white trousers in summer and winter; pairs of dark brown boots will work with a variety of outfits; and dark-coloured tops can create sleek combinations when matched with light bottoms.

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