5 Streetstyle Poses for Fashion Bloggers

If you’re a fashion blogger, you’ve no doubt considered the importance of posing and how it can affect your streetstyle pictures. Whether you’re using your phone or camera to snap some casual shots of your outfit, or you’re trying to take the perfect pic for Instagram, these five poses will give you great results and help you look your best no matter what the location or time of day.

1) Standing / Leaning against a Pillar Pose

Street stylish poses are all about showcasing what you’re wearing in a comfortable, stylish way. Standing poses work really well with streetwear outfits. If you have an outfit that you feel really confident about, a standing pose is perfect for taking pictures of it and showing off your unique style. Try to think about what differentiates your street style from everyone else—it might be an eccentric accessory or something as simple as your stance!

2) Sitting/Crouching Pose

This pose is perfect for creating a more casual, relaxed look. If you’re showing off your outfit and your new shoes, it’s even better. If you’re crouching down, remember to keep your back straight, chin up and shoulders back so that you look taller than you actually are.

3) Holding an Object Pose

It may seem obvious, but holding something can instantly change your entire look and feel. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a camera, or even just your phone, holding an object lets you act like you’re working or taking photos. It’s easy to look natural in front of a camera while holding an object.

4) Sitting on Steps Pose

If you want to take a street-style photo, sitting on steps is one of your best bets. The sitting pose helps elongate your body, which makes you look taller and thinner in photos. It’s also good because it doesn’t require too much equipment: a friend (or yourself), a few street props (such as designer bags or coffee cups), and some stairs should get you that perfect Street-style shot.

5) Walking Down The Street Pose

Walking down street pose or walking pose is one of my favorite ways to look stylish on Instagram! It gives off an effortless vibe that looks great in photos.One way to make a street style picture interesting is to pose as if you’re walking down a busy street, with other people around you. The walking down the street pose is a classic fashion blogger pose. It’s perfect because it shows off your outfit while showing how comfortable you are with yourself. You can even hold your coffee for a more natural feel.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips. To check out my Reel on 5 Street Style Poses click here.


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