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To say the least, this year has been unpredictable. With the pandemic we have been forced to stay home and just make do with the current circumstances, we have all had to adapt to a lot of changes at home and within the work environment. In these times, Work from home has become a part of life and seems this may be the case for a bit longer. Some of us may not be going into work, but I’m sure you all agree that work is still work and whether in the office or at home, schedules are still hectic and days are still busy. The only difference is now its all Virtual. Working from home shouldn’t stop you to look stylish for those virtual meetings calls you have. For, this reason I will be showing you 9 different looks with minimal effort to feel comfortable yet look stylish for your virtual meetings. I will also be sharing some of my simple tips that I use to stay productive.

First of all, I make sure that I follow a work schedule as if I were leaving to go to work. This means, waking up early, grabbing a coffee and breakfast, doing 20-30 minutes of light stretching exercises or a virtual yoga session, (this can be any form of exercise you enjoy, even if it’s a few household chores that needs to be done) then showering and getting dressed into my comfortable yet stylish work clothes. For me, following a routine just makes all the difference, it keeps me motivated, energized and ready to combat my busy day.

During the day I try and take short breaks away from my screen, this includes just stretching my legs or grabbing my favorite cup of tea and biscuits 🙂 I do understand it’s really easy to get bogged down but taking TIME OUT really makes all the difference. After all, health is wealth…Cheesy I know, but it’s true. :))))

Secondly, with working from home being so regular I have had to set up a dedicated work place at home. The work set up helps me to stay focused and minimize distractions. Whether it’s a room or an area in the house, making it like a work set up can give you a sense of normality i.e. add a photo frame or your favorite cup on your work table.

Tips to be mindful of when you have an important video call.

I wanted to share with you a few tips that I find useful when preparing for an important call from home.

  1. Lighting: We don’t normally think of how lighting can impact our calls, but it does make quite a difference. If you have a room without much light. A good tip is to sit facing towards a window. This will instantly brighten the quality of your video calls.
  2. Background: It is easy to forget about what is behind us, though it is the most noticeable thing on a video call. You don’t want to be sitting in an important business call with an unmade bed behind you. This happens, I’ve done it trust me. So just being aware of your surrounding or moving to a place with a clean background can also impact how you look on a call.
    Pro tip: If you can, sit facing towards a window for best lighting. This will definitely make your meeting videos look much brighter and clearer.
  3. Accessories: So as you will see in the images below, I like to keep the accessories minimal. You want it to look elegant but also be comfortable throughout the day.
  4. Makeup: Subtle makeup can make all the difference. A dash of concealer, some powder and a light nude or pink lipstick works great. If you’re looking tired, a bit of mascara goes a long way 🙂

So below are the work from home outfits I have curated. When wearing outfits for work from home, you can keep in mind that you don’t have to worry about the bottoms too much as these will not be visible in your calls, so key is to stick to bottoms you are comfortable in all day.

Trouser 1 in 5 Different Ways

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Trouser 2 in 4 Different Ways

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I hope you liked the video and some of the work from home outfits and tips I shared with you.


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