My top 5 hair serums for dry and damaged hair

Over the years, I have always received questions on how I managed to keep my hair long, healthy and in good condition. So I thought via my blog I would share with you my hair care routine as well as my top 5 serums that have been really beneficial in keeping my hair in good condition.

I would say coloured hair is more prone to get dry and damaged. Having dyed my hair from literally my teen days, it’s been all the more important for me to look after them. After trying many products I have found that following a good hair care routine, use of correct hair products, being consistent with regular hair treatments and haircuts have all helped in maintaining the health of my hair.  

My hair care routine:

Washing: Firstly, it’s really important you choose the correct shampoo to wash your hair. When you are targeting dryness and damaged hair, it’s important to buy shampoos that are specially formulated for repairing and nourishing the hair.

Conditioning: After shampoo, conditioning your hair is a MUST and vital part of hydrating and repairing the hair. As I have thick long hair which has been processed with colour, I use a mask instead of a regular conditioner. Masks are thicker in consistency and more hydrating for my particular hair type. Everyone has a different hair type, so it is always advisable to get your hairdressers opinion on what kind of conditioning would work for your hair type.

Minimal heat: After washing and conditioning my hair, which I approximately do 3 times a week, I try avoid styling unless I have to as I do not like to use much heat on my hair. In the recent months, using minimal to no heat has really helped me get the life back in my hair. The recent lock-down meant we couldn’t go anywhere so I had no need to style my hair regularly and instead used this time to just give my hair a break. It really worked wonders. I noticed within two months the texture was much better and more manageable. So much so, that even my hairdresser noticed 🙂

Serums: After washing and conditioning the hair, a vital part of my hair care routine is applying a serum for repairing, nourishing and hydrating the hair. Serums make hair shiny, healthier and more manageable, it especially helps bring back the moisture from hair that has been damaged.

So here are my top 5 serums that I recommend and have worked for me:

Hair Serum #1: Kérastase Resistance Serum Extentioniste

This is my everyday serum, it’s formula helps to strengthen and repair the hair strands. I apply it on wet hair, but it works equally great on dry hair. The smooth texture instantly makes my hair feel so soft. Over time I felt that the quality of hair has improved and makes it so much more manageable if i need to style it.

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Hair Serum #2: Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil

Everyone has been raving about this product, so I went ahead and tried it. So glad I did as it has become a perfect addition to my hair care routine. Firstly the scent smells so good and the ingredient of honey makes my hair look silicone smooth. It’s a miracle bottle which instantly brings so much shine to my hair, I would advise just taking a few drops of the product as too much can make the hair look slightly greasy.

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Hair Serum #3: Smooth Oil Infused Leave-In Treatment by Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s is a skincare line that I adore, so I wanted to try out their hair care line. I can tell you, its just as lush. I love that all there products are so natural. This oil feels so lightweight on the hair and instantly my hair feels so much more softer and shiny. Recommend applying on damp hair.

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Hair Serum #4: Kérastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum

Just like we use a nigh time routine for our skin. This products works to repair hair overnight. I use this 2-3 times a week by applying it on dry hair at night. Though can be used daily. The ingredients penetrate through the night to help hydrate and strengthen the hair. I love Kérastase products so I love trying out there whole range.

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Hair Serum #5: Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccanoil treatment is an ultra-light formula which is absorbed by the hair instantly, leaving the hair soft and manageable. This oil is great as it doesn’t leave a residue. It’s a great hair care product and also more affordable.

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