Black and white outfits – variation of looks

While some MIGHT say it is boring…. black and white remain my ultimate chic combination to wear. This classic style is timeless and it can be used to create so many variations of looks.

I will be honest, in my earlier days I found myself wearing a lot of black and white to work; I guess I associated these tones with a corporate look. Hence, this would ALWAYS be my go-to interview look. Though, I soon learnt that it’s all in the styling as these tones look exceptionally chic together and can be worn for any occasion and all year round. Below, you can see how I have styled my black and white outfits for different looks. I am sure you all have black or white pieces in your wardrobe that you may or may not have worn in different ways. If you haven’t, then why not get creative.

Elegant look
Casual look
Party/Evening look
Holiday Look

Another way of making black and white outfits more fun and stylish is by adding a pop of colour, either by the use of accessories, shoes, or a piece of clothing.

Below, I added a caramel oversized shirt for my casual day look. I can never get enough of caramel/beige tones and feel that it always compliments black and white outfits.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to leave your thoughts.


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